Blogging about the “Collusion”

I tell you, it’s exhausting just trying to keep up in order to think about maybe blogging about a small aspect of the big Ruskie collusion situation with Donald Trump and his minions of people.

It’s a job for, well……a journalist!  Luckily we have one.  Andrew C. McCarthy follows the story and is a great writer.  This is today’s version along with this wonderful recap.  Please click through though.  And purchase National Review.  It has some of the best writers in the business and though they were never Trumpers, they were mostly never Trumpers because they exist in an area of the country where a GOP vote wouldn’t have counted anyway so they could make an ethical stand on personality.  I’m still curious how their vote would have gone had HQ been in Wisconsin.

Anyway – back to McCarthy:

I won’t hazard a guess on which of CNN’s anonymous sources are also the Times’ anonymous sources. But it is safe to say the intelligence community, still suffused with Obama holdovers, has been undone by its own illegal leaking. Back in April, they leaked because they figured it would wound President Trump: After all, if the dossier had been used to obtain a FISA warrant, that must mean that the dossier’s sensational allegations of a traitorous Trump-Russia conspiracy were true. That is, the leakers assumed, just as many of us familiar with the FISA process assumed, that the Justice Department would never put information in a FISA warrant application unless the FBI had first corroborated it.

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