Binge Drinking and Feminism

So the other day I read the Ruth Marcus column on the Salon column reaction wherein advice was given to daughters not to binge drink when going off to college in order to avoid getting raped.

It sounded like good advice to me, but apparently the author, Emily Yoffe has been hounded by feminists ever since.
Ruth Marcus cleared her throat before jumping in in agreement and said she does not blame the victim at all, just saying, it might be prudent not to binge drink for young ladies.

Apparently she’s been hounded by feminists now.

So – I take it on.
Not only is Emily Yoffe correct, but so is Ruth Marcus. However, they don’t go far enough.
Young men going off to college should also be instructed not to binge drink. One reason, when you drink to excess you lose your judgement. You think you can drive well, and you think that barfing girl in the corner twirling her hair to keep it out of the mess is really coming on to you and so you should make certain that you show her a “good time”.

Young college men are not inherently rapists. So while we don’t blame the drunk victim, lets share the advice universally.

Drink responsibly young people and keep yourselves safe from all kinds of bad.

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