Who is this man and how does he sleep at night with so many conflicting ideas going through his brain?

From todays Washington Post Senator Biden himself writes an op-ed. He wants a “new plan” in Iraq and is pushing for Federalism.

I cannot guarantee that my plan for Iraq (detailed at will work. But I can guarantee that the course we’re on — the course that a man I admire, John McCain, urges us to continue — is a road to nowhere.

And it’s a road to nowhere because there is no trust in the Iraqi govt and none coming up.

Ok – it’s good to have ideas. Now he’s also calling for military force in Darfur.

”Let’s stop the bleeding,” Biden said. ”I think it’s a moral imperative.”

So we go in and start up yet another road to nowhere????

Does he think somehow that the people in Sudan are in support of the govt there so things will go smoother? It looks more to me like he wants to go ahead, partition Iraq because we’re not supported, and then go directly to Darfur and start “protecting” and getting ourselves killed for another group of downtrodden.

THEN once we’ve stopped the immediate problem we can bog ourselves down while the universe talks of how we’re there for the oil. Or does he plan on going in immediately and “partioning” Darfur off from Sudan because that will work.

Biden, of Delaware, and other senators expressed impatience with the lack of progress on Darfur four years after civil strife broke out between Arab and black tribes in the western Sudanese region.

Biden is impatient. Hm – never would have guessed. I apologize for my incoherence this morning but this I just don’t get. And both stories are out on the same day. Often there’s a lapse so my paradigms don’t have to collide quite as forcefully!

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  1. And the common ingredient in all the problems are — ARABS! and, let me guess, young muslim men, ummm, extremists, lets call them…..but don’t call them terrorists, that’s mean.

  2. I don’t blame Arabs. This is al-Qaeda. Yes the Arabic world is not the one I’d want to live in but painting them all with the same brush isn’t being realistic. Right now they are the ones in the spot light, but you could just as easily note the Islamists in the Philippines or Thailand. They aren’t Arabs.

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