I dream of a day, yes, I dream of a day when one can read a news story and get this information out of it – without the snark.

(ht Maggie’s Farm)

Mind you, I am completely thankful to Mollie Hemingway who wrote the column “20 Ways Media Completely Misread Congress’ Weak-Sauce Benghazi Report”.
I HIGHLY recommend you go over and read every word.

BUT what would our world be like if the information covered in that column were actually in a news report?

1. Many journalists obviously didn’t read the report.
Much less read it critically.

One might assume this both because of the speed with which they joined the groupthink and their complete and uncritical acceptance of what they heard the report said. I grant that they may have read the 2-page executive summary.

So apparently all those headlines, whose stories I didn’t bother to read because the media is so full of crap and the headline said enough……all of those headlines were Journolisted.

I dream of a day when the news is worth reading and you don’t have to get your news with the heavy snark anymore.
and ps – I totally love snark, but think of it……, as news.

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