Do you want to know why the Washington Post this morning has a column up concerning “what is new” in the hearings and then discounting most items?
[link is to hotair who links to the wapo]

Because through this all we KNEW the truth. Nothing said yesterday is a surprise to anyone. Anyone. So it’s like, you know….old news.
Except it’s not.

Politics is boring because of all the protocols and the talking points and the slowness of getting things out in the open. Hillary will run because by then this will be really old news, but this is not going to look good in history.

UPDATE: Go read this morning’s Jolt by Jim Geraghty [signup]. He links to Bryan Preston’s excellent summary and notes this about conservatives:

Any Americans who worked their butt off through college and did the entry-level, low-pay jobs at the beginning of their working lives look at the Occupy Movement and wonder how the heck someone can begin adulthood with such a ludicrous sense of entitlement. Anybody who’s interacted with the government looks at a takeover of the health-care system as a nationwide slow-motion train wreck happening before our eyes. We saw more of it yesterday: Anybody who watched the Benghazi hearing is left slack-jawed, marveling at the raw cynicism at work at the highest levels of our government.

It’s very hard to be motivated to help “the common good” when you sense that a good portion of the folks you’re being asked to help are exercising bad judgment, unwilling to work hard, unwilling to make similar sacrifices, unwilling to take responsibility for themselves, and so on.

An excellent roundup of Jay Carney through the months post Benghazi. Gag me. [ht ace]

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