Clearing houses of H-BIED’s (house born ied’s) sounds nerve wracking. These folks have to be commended. It is not just luck that has left these guys safe so far. That link is from the front page of the NYTimes this morning. The Washington Post still sees this offensive as something to be delegated to page 17.

Powerline re-caps Michael Yon’s post from yesterday, noting that as al-Qaeda sets up Sharia law (no smoking, no carrying tomatoes and cucumbers in the same bag [tee hee]) that the Iraqi people are saying Nyet and pointing them out to us. The big win will be when the Iraqi people point al-Qaeda out to the Iraqi police and arrests (or more) are made.

In other news, at least 6 tribal leaders from Anbar were murdered yesterday for fighting al-Qaeda and winning. That’s a huge loss. May there be other leaders in waiting.

And Jeff at Protein Wisdom has got exclusive footage of a conversation going on in Baqubah. Opening dialogue:

First militant: “Point of clarification, Tahir. What, precisely, is, an ‘arrowhead ripper’, anyway?”

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  1. Protein Wisdom was v. funny!
    Too bad nothing else about this war is. I hope the angels are with our troops.

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