Baby Boomers

So because a few people in a suburban neighborhood in LA want to keep their neighborhood hangout, (the post box) we, the taxpayers get to pay for their little hissy fit.

For generations, the blue mailbox on the corner of Bomberry Street and Clubhouse Drive was a meeting place where neighbors caught up while walking the dog or pushing the baby stroller.

Then, one day this summer, it vanished.

No wonder the US Postal service has such a reputation. I wonder if we can add this to the big Pork Busters campaign.

Not only do mail collectors have to make fruitless trips to underused boxes, but they must also deal with graffiti and random objects dropped inside, he said.

“Our guys find soda pop dumped into them, liquor bottles, firecrackers, animal feces, cherry bombs,” Ham said. “We’re constantly having maintenance go around and clean graffiti.”

Collections surveys found that removing the boxes in Lakewood would result in fewer than 25 pieces of mail a day having to be posted elsewhere.

“We’re not just going to leave them sitting out there if we’re not picking up any mail from them,” Ham said.

Unless you whine enough and then we’ll bring it back. The same one even.

The post office had returned a mailbox to the corner of Bomberry and Clubhouse.

Upon close inspection, Neipling realized it was the same box officials had removed days earlier, complete with the etchings neighborhood kids had left over the years.

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  1. That is just outrageous. How can they bow to that pressure when the numbers (25 pieces of mail!) are SO on their side?

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