Auto Industry in CA

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If I were those car companies, I’d close any plants that manufacture vehicles in the state (starting with this one near San Francisco.) I would also discontinue buying any parts made by California companies.

Next, I would jack up the price of the cars sold to cover the costs of legal expenses that will surely be incurred by this frivolous lawsuit. If all the companies effected did this, it would send a strong message.

California has always been extremely over regulated and this is just a slap in the face to companies who’ve brought Billions of dollars into the local economies.

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One thought on “Auto Industry in CA

  1. OMG- if this doesn’t get thrown out…gosh, first lets get any one to agree to a definition of “global warming” and its causes. Really!! What a waste of hard working taxpayers time and money. California’s pendulum needs to swing back a bit to stay attached (read: to stay in reality)dd

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