Gun Ban in Boulder

Well, it was bound to happen.  “Assault” weapons will be banned in Boulder. 

I went to a forum last night where the city of Boulder allowed the public to be heard on the subject of banning “assault style” weapons from the city.  The majority of people spoke against the ban.  The minority of people spoke for the ban.  Over 100 people showed up.

Those for the ban shared stories of deaths and feelings of hopelessness and fear.

Those against the ban shared facts and statistics and rights.

It really is true that people do not care for facts.  They don’t care about what right you have to feel safe.  They only care about what is happening in their magic factory of thoughts in their brains.

People “shouldn’t” have assault weapons so we need to ban them.  End of story.  As far as the city of Boulder is concerned.

One day someone will invent an actual light saber.  To keep yourself safe, you will also want to own one.  Their response will be that, no, you don’t need one.  No one needs one.  I guess.  Somehow that makes sense to them.

All I know is that Gary Cooper 4 County Commissioner just went up by 10 points!

Trump and the News Today

Well, this is really Trump and the News Every Day.
It’s just that today in a column from the NYTimes on how great and successful progressives are at changing the culture they give us a paragraph like this:

Two things have fundamentally changed the landscape. First, over the past two years conservatives have self-marginalized. In supporting Donald Trump they have tied themselves to a man whose racial prejudices, sexual behavior and personal morality put him beyond the pale of decent society.

How come conservatives self marginalize, but progressives who supported Hillary are NOT tied to a woman who cheats (personal morality anyone?), who disdains other women (misogyny), who does not have any common sense (emails), and who is willing to sell out her country for a buck (Uranium One).  ?

I’d be ok with both depictions if I ever saw the 2nd on.  Since we don’t I’m stuck defending Trump from all comers.

ht Maggie’s Farm


I love this column.  It says so many things that I think only with clarity!  He writes of what we are hearing these days where people (and here the author uses Harvard Psychologist Steven Pinker, an athiest)  are asking where was God at Parkwood.  God is always there.  (ht Maggie’s Farm)

Most important of all, Pinker’s God has no mystery. He’s a do-gooder or a do-nothing. (Secularists don’t assert an evil God—that would be even more superstitious than a good God.) But Christians know that God is, in full, unknowable, and a day of intense suffering is at the center of their worship. They have God’s written word, the example of the saints, and the impulse to revere him in their hearts. But his works are inscrutable. At times His wisdom makes no sense, and we assume that our confusion is our own fault, not His.

Russian Meddling

I’ve seen questions lately asking why the right isn’t upset with Russian meddling in elections.

This is why.  Obama meddled so often we here outside of government in the naive world of middle America now think it must be normal.  I mean, if Obama did it…..

Trump’s election brought on the cryers..”he’s going to change what’s normal in a bad way!”.

Too late..

(ps – so happy they mentioned Honduras.  I was going to give Obama a noncynical chance, when he did

(ht Maggie’s farm)

There is Hope

There is hope, not necessarily IN Jordan Peterson, but in the fact that he is so very famous and appreciated by young people (men especially) around the world.  I have been listening to him for a while now through Maggie’s Farm.  All while watching men around me weaken, year after year.

Just this weekend I’ve dealt with the heartache 2 of my friends have felt. Both dealt with flirty, loving words right up until the day that these “men” broke up with them.  (1 affianced and another married)  Who does that?  weenies

Were the relationships solid?  Apparently not, but also apparently the male side of these were too chicken to ever express it until it was over.  Blame the strong females if you’d like, but if this Jordan Peterson phenom is any good, then strong females will hopefully result in even stronger males.  Not weaker ones.

I like him.  I appreciate him.  I am happy to contribute so that he realizes in the midst of his public leftist skewering that he has support.  I am glad that young men find him interesting.  In some parts of the world, lost young men are joining ISIS.  People need to realize that they own their lives and it’s up to them to fix it.  And in the process fix the world.  Individuals can make a difference and Jordan Peterson is a quick example of that!



Here we go.

I have the great pleasure of being in a room with 9 other women who are Trump supporters. In Boulder. It’s like a conservative miracle!

He’s recognizing the greatness of Americans. Firefighters, pilots during the hurricane etc etc. Scalise and the police and health people who saved him.

“State of our Union is strong because our people are strong.”

200,000 mfg jobs

Rising wages

45 year low of unemployment claims. African-American claims the lowest ever. Same with Hispanic unemployment

Stock market through the roof. He went through his tax reform highlights including the repeal of the individual mandate. He’s shared the tax cut bonus announcements that have been going on and the Apple announcement.

“There has Never been a better time to start living the American dream”

Faith and family are the center vs government. Preston from Redding started a flag movement on Veterans graves.

Ooh Trump mentioned standing for the National Anthem!

Onto VA accountability act. Sounds good to me. 1500 let go from VA.

“Right to try” with healthcare and the FDA. Yay

1.5 trillion for infrastructure.

“Americans are dreamers too”. Excellent line!

……etc etc

Impression? This was a really enjoyable speech. This was awesome to hear a pro America theme. The zingers may have gone too far but the ending of this speech is amazing.  He didn’t deal with any of the real problems, ie entitlements, but no one ever does, so I don’t hold it against him.

It really feels like he loves the people of this country. Go Trump!



Here’s another story of the nevertrumpers and what they should do in regards to a pretty successful year 1.  One thing I’d recommend is that they start to recognize that the grenade needed to be set off in DC.

The stories of the FBI, DOJ, Obama administration et al are shameful.  The fact that they disappear texts and emails and have personal servers and email addresses and secret societies etc etc etc with such ease tells me that there is no shame in the organizations themselves.

Cruz wouldn’t have exposed this.  Clinton certainly wouldn’t have.  Kosich – ha, I laugh at that.  Nevertrumpers need to recognize that Trump was a requirement to drain this swamp of swampiness we never expected to see.