Atwar Bahat

Pure evil exists in this world and we need to acknowledge that. I watched the Nick Berg beheading because I thought and still do, think it’s important to see. Because frankly beheading isn’t even the word I would use. More like the Nick Berg sawing of his head off. A new video is out of poor Atwar Bahat’s sawing. The Mudville Gazette has the description.
Please note my previous post. We HAVE to become energy independant.
I am so sorry for her family. Every woman in the middle east should be invited to live here.

UPDATE: The Jawa Report has links showing the video, while real is not of Atwar Bahat.

The video actually shows the gruesome murder of a Nepalese man by the Army of Ansar al-Sunna in Iraq from August of 2004. The man was one of 12 victims executed by the terrorist organization–the other 11 were shot (original story, video, and images of 12 Nepalese murdered in Iraq here).

This doesn’t change the premise. Evil exists in this world. Believe it.

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  1. While I believe it, having more nightmares every night about it won’t help anyone be more productive, now will it?
    I can believe it without seeing it. Ugh.

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