Atlas Shrugged Part II

Since I missed it the first time…..
Atlas Shrugged II is at 5:30 pm today at the Plaza Convetion Center Theater 1900 Ken Pratt Blvd in Longmont.

Enjoy a cash bar and order a boxed meal for the show ($10). Admission is free and snacks are sponsored by the Boulder County Republicans Longmont Republican Women.
Register at

UPDATE: Ok that was fun! I liked the change in the Dagney character. Actually I liked all the changes in the characters including Eddie Willers and James Taggart. This group seemed to be better actors in general and frankly any movie with Esai Morales in it is A ok by me!
I liked the modernizations and the purposeful (purposeful, or serendipitous?) references to what has been going on now.
I do think the movie would be hard to watch without having read the book, but people probably think that about Game of Thrones, but I like that as is.

I understand the third and final part will be out in 2014.
Here is the Three Sources post on the movie when it came out.

2 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged Part II

  1. We just got back last night or I’d’ve gone. I actually like the first Dagny better, but it did not spoil it for me. The others were even or upgrades.

  2. The first one was definitely more glamorous, but this one seemed more like a capable boss to me. Age? On to Fracknation!

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