“Arbitrary and Capricious”

I love those words the court used about the soda ban.

Arbitrary…..lets ban all those fattening drinks that poor people buy but not fancy coffees or giant margaritas! We like those.
Capricious…….oh wait, we can’t ban them from these businesses….ok, but let’s do it here….ok, but not there….

Xtra inane…..large sodas=lead paint.
I assume Grande Frappachinos=a hint of fresh basil

ut Mr. Bloomberg said he would appeal the decision and predicted that the rule ultimately would pass judicial muster, describing the city’s board of health as a “pioneer” and noting that the federal government ultimately followed the board on decisions such as banning lead paint.

“We have a responsibility as human beings to do something, to save each other,” Mr. Bloomberg said after the ruling. “While other people will wring their hands over the problem of sugary drinks, in New York City, we’re doing something about it.”

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