Apple v US Government

I am on the side of Apple here.

Here’s what people don’t get. Programming is pro-active. It takes time and creativity. It’s creative. Programming something brand new is inventive.

Having the Federal Government knock on your door and require you to invent something is not only bizarre but wrong on many levels. This sentence from the Wall Street Journal really should be the end of the debate.

If the government can compel a manufacturer to invent intellectual property that does not exist in order to invade its own lawful products, then there is no limiting legal principle.

If the government wants back doors into all devices, then Congress needs to make a law requiring it. There is no such law right now and Apple’s decision not to invent, is well within it’s rights.
Any argument on the emotion of the situation fails. What about the parents of those folks killed? What about the terrorism? What about secret cells out there?
These are legitimate concerns for many people. So call your congressperson and have them make a law if you want one. ps….I don’t care what Apple does for China. We’re not China. pps I don’t care that “Apple will lose business!”. That’s their problem. I don’t care if they are unpatriotic. They have that right.

Go Apple!!

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