ANWR set to pass

via Powerline which makes this a very sad day.

I’ve told my congress people and now I’ll say it here – why do we want to drill in ANWR NOW? According to powerline, it would be to lower the price of gas. And why do we want that?? Until we see the result of personal change in this country, we will always be relying on foreign oil for our energy. If we drill in Alaska and gas goes down do you really think we Americans will have the foresight to say,
“hmmm, we dodged that bullet, lets plan better for the next round after we’ve emptied out ANWR. Let’s build smaller houses without huge open spaces that need heating. Let’s dump our hummers because, really, why do we need one. Let’s ride our bikes more to commute and let’s increase our reliance on solar and wind”

Please. If gas goes down, we’ll go about our merry way until once again, we’ll be in a crisis relying on Venezuela who, (yeah right) will be far more reliable than Saudi Arabia.

I wrote about this in September and my reasoning was spot on then too.

2 thoughts on “ANWR set to pass

  1. “Spot on” — since when do you blog with a British accent?

    By the way, why don’t you figure out when all of the oil company execs are being hauled up to the Hill for oversight hearings on their “windfall profits” — since gas prices are now lower than they were before katrina — and suggest some questions to your congress people to ask. Something along the lines of “Now that you Mr. Oil Company Exec are in the best economic/fiscal shape in years, what is your company doing to plan for this country’s energy needs for the next 10 years? Are you building refineries? Are you investing in alternative energy sources? What exactly are you doing to help your country out?” Now I doubt you will be able to get a congress person — R or D — to focus on good questions like this when they have the opportunity to play to the cameras and go after “windfall profits” (and since when do Rs care about excess profits?), but it is worth a call or an email.

    Thanks for the opportunity to rant.

  2. A couple of things.
    1 – spot on, isn’t strictly British…
    2 – did you read my post? I don’t have a problem with oil companies making a ton of money. I think they should be run out of business by overpricing themselves to the point where people quit using them. In the meantime, the govt (state/federal) is making a ton of money on gas taxes too! Unless we admit that oil companies are subsidized by the taxpayer, (ie, who gets to pay the end costs of pollution? Who pays for the armies that protect the interests of the oil companies?) why would the government have any say in how many oil refineries the companies build?

    IF we admit that they are subsidized, THEN we should go ahead and force them into government run pricing and oversite.

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