People in these parts insist that Bush has made the world hate us. They forget….how quickly they forget. Janet Albrechten via Barcepundit knows the truth however.

Long before America became Mr Big, European cultural superiority meant that the US was regarded as venal, vulgar and mediocre – a lack of authenticity pervaded every part of American life.


Anti-Americanism cannot be explained simply by US policy stances or as anti-imperialism either. The US was hated during its isolationist periods and under its pacifist presidents. Under Bill Clinton, the US was a hyperpower according to French foreign minister Hubert Vedrine. (Clinton is now lionised by European elites as a effete kind of non-American). The hapless Jimmy Carter, so cautious of bloodshed that 52 hostages were held captive in the US embassy in Tehran for 444 days, was equally despised. Should he become president, even Barack Obama will also incur the anti-American wrath.

Read it, vs these little snippets.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Americanism

  1. I know none of my neighbors agree, because they are sure Bush is the cause of all of their problems. Refreshing to see that it isn’t just us.

  2. I was a U.S. soldier living in Germany during the Clinton years. I lived in a city that had housed our troops since WWII and we were pretty much despised by students. That’s the way it is, it seems. The academics that preach open minds and hearts are the first to preach hate against a particular group.

    Anti-Americanism didn’t start with Bush by any means. When Clinton rocketed Bin Laden’s facility and then invaded Serbia we were pretty much on the outs with the general populace from what I experienced in Germany and France.

    Another thing to keep in mind, Italy wasn’t as crazy far left then as it is now. Spain hadn’t knuckled under to terrorist demands. The European Union hadn’t unified under the Euro. Just a few things to ponder.

  3. Thanks for sharing Coffeespy. It’s nice to have what I remember through word of mouth confirmed by someone actually there!
    We are left to wonder where the EU will be even 10 years from now.

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