And So It Continues

Here’s what will continue in 2013 direct from our President.

The bullshit

I have to say that ever since I took office, throughout the campaign, and over the last couple of months, my preference would have been to solve all these problems in the context of a larger agreement, a bigger deal, a grand bargain, whatever you want to call it, that solves our deficit problems in a balanced and responsible way, that doesn’t just deal with the taxes, but deals with the spending in a balanced way so that we can put all this behind us and just focus on growing our economy.

But with this Congress, that was obviously a little too much to hope for at this time.

The lies

Last year, in 2011, we started reducing the deficit through $1 trillion in spending cuts. Those have already taken place.

The talking down to us

And keep in mind that the threat of tax hikes going up is only one part of this so-called fiscal cliff that everybody is talking about.

Did I mention bullshit?

And I want to make clear that any agreement we have to deal with these automatic spending cuts that are being threatened for next month, those also have to be balanced, because, remember, my principle always has been let’s do things in a balanced, responsible way.

The kindergarten talk

Now, if Republicans think that I will finish the job of deficit reduction through spending cuts alone — and you hear that sometimes coming from them, that sort of after today we’re just going to try to shove only spending cuts down, you know, well — shove spending — shove spending cuts at us…

The tough talk

If they think that’s going to be the formula for how we solve this thing, then they’ve another thing coming. That’s not how it’s going to work. We’ve got to do this in a balanced and responsible way. And if we’re serious about deficit reduction and debt reduction, then it’s going to have to be a matter of shared sacrifice. At least as long as I’m president. And I’m going to be president for the next four years, I hope. So…

The pointing of fingers

And one thing we can count on with respect to this Congress is that if there is even one second left before you have to do what you’re supposed to do, they will use that last second.

And finally the chummy everyman who suffers because he works so hard

So as of this point, it looks like I’m going to be spending New Year’s here in D.C. You all are going to be hanging out in D.C. too.


I can come to your house? Is that what you said? I don’t want to spoil the party.

We had a chance to be done with him, but the people spoke. Chances are very good that the house will pass this bill just to keep most tax rates down, but Obama deserves the cliff after that ridiculous speech that he theoretically made to “get this thing passed”.
But we won’t. It’s averted. Even the bullshit we’re hitting the debt ceiling yesterday will disappear because the crap spewed by this administration is just that. There is nothing in the latest agreement about the ceiling so how exactly do we avert hitting the ceiling that we were to hit yesterday by passing bad reform today? Oh right…bullshit

2013 New Years Resolution……while continuing to be honest about my thoughts here…..I resolve to walk away from the computer with a clean slate, thinking about bunnies and walks in the woods.

Here I go…….bunnies

UPDATE: Hey!!! Morgan got himself married! I, cynical being that I am, figured it was going to be one of those forever engagements. What’s more, his post, linked here, matches ever so nicely with this vetting of an Obama speech! Go wish him well if you have the time.

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  1. There was no way I could even listen to that speech…and today the WH put out a release taking credit …”At this make-or-break moment for the middle class, the president achieved a bipartisan solution….”

    I’m really happy our current President is taking credit for making a large portion of the BUSH tax cuts permanent….

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