And Now…….

While Obama pivots towards immigrants (or is it jobs?), we will start to hear more about the mess that is the sign up for Obamacare.

While some seem to think Obamacare is in trouble – I pretty much think this was the plan all along. Why else design software needed for millions to be used only by thousands? Why else design it so it actually won’t work.

There is only one way out of this mess, according to the once again proven folks who are willing to take the world into depression: Universal Healthcare.

I hope you’re ready. In other words, I hope you’re healthy.

4 thoughts on “And Now…….

  1. I disagree only because to date the problems with Obamacare are so clearly government problems — who on earth is going to turn to government-run health care as the answer?

  2. Yes, but they are government problems because the system is too complex. Keep it simple, like Canada, or the UK or……wherever and magically these problems will be gone. Just wait.

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