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Thought you all might be interested in a note our newest city council member wrote to a small business owner in Longmont. Here is the story on it.

In an angry note a week before her election, Councilwoman Polly Christensen reprimanded Abbondanza owner Bob Goff for putting up a Bryan Baum sign in his pizzeria, saying that if Baum won the mayorship, “I will never set foot in here again.”

There is more, so click on through.

And my response:

The NonApology Apology,

It looks like Polly Christensen has quickly mastered the art of being a politician with her nonapology apology in the news yesterday. Her apology:

1) The words: “I wrote a hasty and ill-conceived note addressed soley to the owner”:
a. The interpretation: I wrote something that I wish hadn’t been shared
2) The words: “I had every expectation of privacy”
a. The interpretation: Yes, I somehow expected that my insulting tone to Mr. Goff would make him like me and want to grant me full rights of intimacy shared among friends.
3) The words: ” I was shocked to find my note had been shared and started a small brouhaha…”:
a. The interpretation: How dare Mr. Goff share this. Also, you people are making mountains out of molehills.
4) The words: “I apologize for my lack of political expertise”
a. The interpretation: I wish I was MORE political than I am
5) The words: “and I apologize that there were hard feelings”
a. The interpretation: You people are so sensitive.

I have yet to actually hear an apology to Mr. Goff and the citizens of this town who expected a nonpartisan election and a representative that will represent all of us and not just those of the left.

UPDATE: Hey I made the paper.

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