An Army of Davids

Working it out in a direct way with an airline hijacker!

Spanish police arrested the suspected hijacker of a Mauritanian plane who was knocked over by a hard landing and overpowered by passengers today, a source close to the Mauritanian presidency said.

This after being jihadists were personally called to make attacks on Mauritanian rulers by Zawahri. You gotta love it when al-Qaeda gets a little spit in the eye.

One thought on “An Army of Davids

  1. I’ve hear a few remark that our support of Israel is what makes us targets. From the story linked to above:

    “In an audio message quoted by Arab media this week, al Qaeda’s second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri said Muslims should attack Mauritania’s leaders for recognising Israel.”

    Simple recognition makes you a target to these people. They can’t abide less than 1% of the Middle Eastern lands being inhabited by non-Arabs. While there are a significant number of Muslims who won’t commit terrorist acts themselves, I don’t hear a lot of strong words against their actions. That leads me to believe the ‘radical’ may be moving to the ‘center’ of their spectrum.

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