Amnesty International

Does it’s best to rap the West as human rights violators. I’m not going to read the whole thing, but check this out:

It singles out some regional and national issues as particular areas of concern, including:

“Intermittent attention and feeble action” on the part of the UN and African Union to tackle atrocities and find a political solution in Darfur, Sudan

Ok, so the problem is the UN vs the problem and violators being the Sudanese? lol
From their webpage
or under Americas:

The US relentlessly pursued its “war on terror” under a shroud of secrecy, unlawfully transferring terror suspects around the world, ignoring allegations of torture and ill-treatment refusing to close the detention camp in Guantánamo Bay or disclose where others are being held.

while under Middle East and North Africa:

In the Middle East and North Africa, new laws and policies brought hope to women in Kuwait and Morocco. However, Iraq continued its disastrous slide into sectarian violence, and Israel/Occupied Territories slipped off the international agenda. Torture, arbitrary detention and unfair trials continued in many countries. Undaunted, human rights activists worked to organize themselves.

Shouldn’t there be something about beheaders? Or countries being unable to worship as a Christian without getting killed or…..I don’t know. 300 pages of what COULD be useful information except it’s goal is to “get the west”.

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  1. But did you forget that the West incites the beheaders..remember, we MADE them who they are and we just don’t UNDERSTAND what their childhood was like…..thank goodness.

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