Read Lawrence Wright’s The Rebellion Within when you get a chance. It will help bring you up to date on what is going on in al-Qaeda and Dr. Fadl’s book written from prison denouncing the violence he a previously ‘nounced’.

The most original argument in the book and the interview is Fadl’s assertion that the hijackers of 9/11 “betrayed the enemy,” because they had been given U.S. visas, which are a contract of protection. “The followers of bin Laden entered the United States with his knowledge, and on his orders double-crossed its population, killing and destroying,” Fadl continues. “The Prophet—God’s prayer and peace be upon him—said, ‘On the Day of Judgment, every double-crosser will have a banner up his anus proportionate to his treachery.’ ”

Do you suppose these will be virgin banners?

I asked Zuhdy [The Islamic Group leader] how his country might have been different if he and his colleagues had never chosen the bloody path. “It would have been a lot better now,” he admitted. “Our opting for violence encouraged Al Jihad to emerge.” He even suggested that, had the Islamists not murdered Sadat thirty years ago, there would be peace today between the Palestinians and the Israelis. He quoted the Prophet Muhammad: “Only what benefits people stays on the earth.”
“It’s very easy to start violence,” Zuhdy said. “Peace is much more difficult.” ♦


Others disagree that the group is dying out. Michael Scheuer believes that since the original reasons for al-Qaeda still exist (namely that we are in the Middle East), that al-Qaeda will continue to be a presence.

Movements with results and yet no improvement or no results at all won’t last forever.

Movements with members constantly getting arrested or dead, before doing their deeds can’t last long either.

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  1. Even the MSM is having to admit that AQ is leaving Iraq and has dwindling support everywhere

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