I look forward to the stories out of Iraq after today when Mr. Ahmadinejad visits.

Amir Tahiri shares his thoughts about how Iran is working to keep things in Iraq in disarray until Obama becomes the President and leaves. It’s not like the President of Iran to have much humility so we’ll see what happens when plan A doesn’t come to fruition!

raq still depends on the United States for protection against domestic and foreign enemies. As long as a danger existed that Iraq might fall to radical Arab Sunni groups led by al Qaeda, Tehran didn’t object to that dependence. Now, however, the picture is different.
As the possibility of al Qaeda and its allies winning recedes, Iran is starting to focus on the prospect that a Shiite-dominated but pro-American Iraq might offer Iranians a rival model. So the Islamic Republic has determined not to let the Americans and their Iraqi allies succeed beyond defeating al Qaeda and the Sunni insurgency.
As Ahmadinejad has put it several times, Tehran won’t allow Iraq to have an “American future.”


Ahmadinejad believes the United States lacks the staying power to consolidate its victory in Iraq. Encouraged by Sen. Barack Obama’s promise to withdraw all US troops by the end of 2009 if he wins the White House (which the Iranians expect him to do), Ahmadinejad’s message to Iraqis is simple: The Americans are leaving, wouldn’t you like to join our side?

Uh, that’d be “no”.