I won’t bore you with all the details but here’s what I don’t get. You’ve heard Ahmadijinad with Mike Wallace. You’ve read his letters. You know what kind of “arguer” he is. And now you’re going to meet him in NY. Is it just the papers or did were people really not prepared to deal with his asinine ideas?
The NYTimes writes:

Never raising his voice and thanking each questioner with a tone that oozed polite hostility, he spent 40 minutes questioning the evidence that the Holocaust ever happened

Whatever. 40 minutes. Why? He wants a study, so study it. It’s only Europeans who aren’t allowed to. What’s stopping him? There are plenty of witnesses about. Why was there 40 minutes of conversation on this?

“In World War II about 60 million people were killed,’’ he said at one point, when pressed again on his refusal to accept that the Holocaust happened. “Two million were military. Why is such prominence given to a small portion of those 60 million?’’

Did anyone suggest it might have something to do with spheres of influence. What were the good guys going to do about the dead in Russia? And yet the British still had a mandate in Palestine. They’d already been inviting Israelis there. The place had a ton of Israelis and with British backing the UN had a place that would work out. The British had a mandate in Iraq too. Does Ahmadijinad suggest that the homosexuals that were persecuted during WWII be allowed into Iraq? Didn’t the British beat the Ottomans? Yes. Doesn’t that count for something Mr. Ahmadijinad?
Why on earth was the council on foreign relations amazed at the skill of the President of Iran to turn questions back on themselves? It’s been on tv for the last 6 months!

Mr. Ahmadinejad’s habit of answering every question about Iranian policy with a question about American policy was clearly wearing on some of the members, but at the end they acknowledged that he was about as skillful an interlocutor as they had ever encountered. “He is a master of counterpunch, deception, circumlocution,’’ Mr. Scowcroft said, shaking his head.

I have friends who could’ve taken this boy down with words alone.