Ah Yes, We all don’t care about DC because….DC.

So in the midst of massive flooding around here, my own heart continued to cause me grief, and I got some major dental work done, and my re-do of part of my house got delayed as I continued to live in about 400 sq feet. Whoa, whoa is me. No one paying attention.

To further redirect attention, a friend got interviewed for a brand new job, two other friends were traveling, and more than a few others were dealing with flooded out homes/businesses and evacuation. Oh – and let’s not forget Syria and our coming WW III with an incompetent CinC and a 911 anniversary. Then the DC shooting occurred.

And now, I hear that we out here feel that if it happens in DC, well, we just don’t care because they are just a bunch of politicos there. Not real people.

When 12 people are massacred in Washington, it’s not people dying in Real America. The rest of the nation does not stand “D.C. Strong.” Profile pictures do not become ribbons. Phones do not ring off the hook, just to be sure we’re doing OK. After Hurricane Katrina, everyone who ever sucked down a drink on Bourbon Street claimed the Big Easy as their home. Likewise, after the marathon bombing in Boston.

When 12 people are massacred in This Town, our nation shrugs collectively and offers justifications for its apathy that all translate to: “There’s a viable reason we don’t care too much.”

I despise this writer already and she’s getting a lot of play. Why? Because she hits too close to home? No. Do I not care about the DC shootings? I do care. I care that those 12 people have died. I care that a Navy yard full of well trained personnel were required by law to not carry weapons there. And I care that the lies are mounting about “yet another shooting” to be blamed on guns vs antidepressants.
[tangent – to fix my heart, or rather to shut me up and make me go away, giving me an antidepressant was my GPs first response to my complaint. ]
[tangent 2 – I am not depressed]
I also care that those on TV actually make things up during interviews to advance their agendas. Oh – let’s not forget the story of the AR15.

I care that the Federal Government’s performance of background checks suck, yet they want to be in control of even more background checks and in all other parts of our lives.

This chick is complaining because “the people” don’t care about DC, yet if one reviews her history of blogging she cares about nothing except herself, her friends, and abortion. Nothing written about any of the many, many, many outrages occurring just in the last year. Herself, her friends, and abortion. She’s embarrassed about her own reaction to the DC shooting and is accusing the rest of us of feeling as she does.

Yeah – I don’t like her.
Ps – this guy has a way with words
PPS – I am just fine, and deserve no concern, so move on to other things. No matter how much I should have been getting everyone’s full attention if the whole rest of the world hadn’t been getting in the way – like it does every day!

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