Ah Yes…..step 1, complete

So the other day I started a new category called “Mark my words” due to what I will predict is our path towards single payer.

Step one: check, check, and check:

Who’s fault will it be? BIG business. Why? Because they need profffffiittttt. Evil profit. AND they pay their executive big bucks. Who hates insurance companies? We all do. Louder please. When these companies start raising their prices it will be because of their greed, and NOT because of Democrat idiocy.

In other fun news, Charles Krauthammer, via Hot Air gives great video footage on what happens when government decides what is best for you.

Gay Patriot unmasks the true evil behind the idiotic “I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it” statement. Oh sure, she was fine when YOU paid for it, just not her.

And Ace reminds us of the true plan which is what I am predicting. Single Payer.

Smart people suggest that in this fiasco, government has proven that they can’t run something this big. Wrong. (well, it’s really true, but that is not what’s going to come out of this) Instead it will be that combining private/public is far too complex for even the genius’s of this administration, so let’s do single payer. Everyone knows how to do that. Mark my words.

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