Ah, that ol’ American Hubris

Curious here. When the only threat in your bag is “sanctions” and when you have other countries who will buy your stuff, why should Ukraine listen to us? Is it just because we’re the United States of America and we know what’s best?

And what does the word “also” mean in this story? (see bold)
Does that mean we’re threatening sanctions, just because and also, we wish they would back off?

Military action by the U.S. is not among the options being considered, deputy spokesman Josh Earnest said. “The options available to the president are being considered with some urgency,” he told reporters, adding that sanctions were the only measure under active consideration.

Vice President Joe Biden relayed the sanctions threat directly to President Viktor Yanukovych in a phone call Thursday with the Ukrainian leader. The White House said Biden also urged Yanukovych to pull back security forces immediately — including snipers, police, military and paramilitary units, and irregular forces.

Obama, you are no longer respected nor listened to internationally. fyi

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