Ah Schip

Today the LATimes brings us another family example of people (I suspect) they think deserves to have health insurance through SCHIP.

The Wirrkalas are a loving family who have made such very good choices over the years. They bought a fixer upper in Southern CA (Dana Point), they decided to have children and they caution them to be very careful. They decided mom should stay at home and take care of the children. They play basketball in the driveway. They used to buy health insurance, but one month they couldn’t afford the premium and it got cancelled. Dad works in construction for himself (making about $70,000 a year) And they comb websites looking for affordable insurance. Cripes, they’re even white and pretty. (no that shouldn’t make a difference. It’s not me who’s picking these examples, I’m just noting…)


What he’s looking for is more than just catastrophic coverage, which takes care of tragic illnesses or accidents. The family already knows that the high deductibles in such plans mean they end up paying for all routine visits to pediatricians and run-of-the-mill childhood illnesses in addition to the premiums. He has not been able to find what he believes the family needs — coverage of major medical episodes as well as preventive care — at a price they can afford.

So they go without, and they worry and feel guilty.

So…..let me get this right.
-Dad works for himself. (just like many of us would like to do, but we realize that healthcare is an expensive and iffy part of working for yourself)
-Mom stays home. (just like many would like to do, but they realize especially after the kids are in school that perhaps taking a job to afford the necessities, like healthcare would be important)
-They are bypassing catastrophic insurance because they would rather have preventative care. (even though the library with all it’s numerous books on eating right and living healthy would be available for mom to look through)

And in the meantime they believe, or the LATimes believes, or Democrats believe that the person living in South Central LA who happened to “choose” to start smoking at an early age should actually pay for little jimmy’s broken arm after skateboarding.

What the hell are these people smoking??

In other news the NYTimes has a story on why health care is so expensive. One reason being that people aren’t paying for it. Insurance companies are.

It cracks me up that I keep on this SCHIP rampage, but the examples etc are ridiculous. This whole LAtimes article never mentions why the smokers should pay for this families health care for the kids, only that this family wants to have some and can’t afford it. Shouldn’t they superimpose these stories with others. ieTricia at bloggingawaydebt. I don’t know what her family earns, but I do know she’s working her tail off to get herself out of debt made while making bad decisions in the past. Good for her. And now she’s trying to quit smoking. In the meantime, should she contribute to the Wikkela’s health plan??

I don’t think so.
And I would actually be ok if the federal govt came up with some sort of catastrophic program of coverage. Something covering everyone with a $10,000-$20,000 deductable. (sorry – not that fully thought out, but we already cover catastrophic care, only with unpaid hospital bills etc. that go onto other people’s and insurances bills)

Anywho….sorry Dems, we need yet another new example.

UPDATE: I clicked through the LAtimes story this morning to the “Discuss this story” section. The new expanded SCHIP is dead and gone if the commenters get their way.
Here’s just the start:

Should the SCHIP program be expanded to cover families like the Wirkkalas?

1. no they should not. this is ridiculous, there are so many more needy families than this one. looking at the picture it seems as though they live better than “the middle class” maybe the mother should get a job and shouldnt have had so many kids that she had to stay at home in the first place. Lets focus on people who really need the money please.
Submitted by: Arianna
8:16 PM PST, November 26, 2007

2. The premise of this article is bogus. This family CAN afford health insurance; they are simply freeloading so that they can have their nice, well-furnished home overlooking the Pacific. I’d love to have their home, but I’m too responsible– I pay for my own health insurance, rent a condo, and responsibly save money for rainy days. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one these days. If the taxpayers are going to support anyone, let it be people truly in need.
Submitted by: Mark
7:38 PM PST, November 26, 2007

3. This is all about priorities. Everything is expensive. Those of us with limited resources have to make hard choices and live with them and not blame our government for our monthly shortfall. The Wirkkalas chose their big house with canyon and ocean views over their children’s health care, and suddenly America isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore? These people need to wake up.
Submitted by: Brian
7:32 PM PST, November 26, 2007

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