Again with the Media

This is a good column from Charles C.W. Cooke about the Huckabee hullabaloo.
(hat tip Hot Air)

What sort of chance does it give our politics if a speech in which a man says “I believe the opposite of this” can be so easily turned into “I believe this”?

I wonder, at what point should we say “bugger it all” and elect to stand athwart anyhow? If, in the name of short-term advance, we accept always that this is the way it is, are we not tacitly endorsing an extralegal form of prior restraint and, in consequence, the destruction of conversation about anything controversial, polemical, or harsh?


Prepare yourselves out there. Everything said will be twisted – no not twisted – totally changed to suit the narrative. When you are asked to respond to a question that is clearly a setup, don’t even bother. Rand Paul is getting a hint and just needs practice.
I believe Ann Althouse is wrong to suggest

I’m inclined to advise Republicans — if they want my advice — to just shut up about women, but I don’t think they can, and I don’t think the Democrats will let them.

At this stage of the game without any solid Presidential/VP female potentials poking through the GOP ceiling, the next election is going to be in many many ways, about women and their issues.

Whatever is said will be turned for the soundbite readers so be prepared. And believe in what you say. Good luck. Based on the Huckabee flip quote, it will be needed.

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