Afghanistan/Pakistan happenings

Today the TimesOnline has a story of the big spring offensive turning into a little civil war between al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Amir Taheri confirms they don’t like each other all that well.

Regarding the deals that Mushariff made with the tribes in Waziristan that I definitely questioned, he is saying it’s helped to drive this wedge.

US officials say the deals caused an increase in militant incursions into Afghanistan. But Pakistani officials now say that the deals have helped to drive a wedge between the tribesmen and their “guests”. Their claims are hard to verify or disprove.

But then again, maybe not.

Sources familiar with the region say that the conflict is the result of a feud between one group of Waziris and another that has been profiting from hosting the Uzbeks.

(ht Captain Ed who of course has some insight!)