Afghanistan and Poppies

They are again looking into herbicides because of the pressure from the US Government. Why on earth can’t the US govt come up with some sort of regularatory farming system whereby the Afghans can farm poppies all they want as long as they sell to the good guys vs illicit drug dealers? The world could have more pain medication and the Afghans could make a living.

Also in Afghanistan news OPFOR notes a poll.

Bottom line is that a large number of Afghans– famously intolerant of foreigners in their midst– appear to be happy with the way things are going, and are glad the Canadians and other forces are there.

Click through and read. Its interesting stuff.

5 thoughts on “Afghanistan and Poppies

  1. More pain meds, yeah that’s what I am talking about! just kidding. Who would think some pretty flowers could cause all this trouble.

  2. actually, six countries in the world refine medicine from opium There is a group in Europe, the Senlis Council, I think it’s called, that advocates allowing the Afghans to sell legal narcotics to Africa where the people are dying of AIDS

  3. So then why do we want to eradicate it so badly?
    That’s the part I’m not getting.

    We, the US Govt keeps pushing to kill the poppies. I have yet to figure out why other than the standard “drugs are bad” policy. Even while pain studies are increasing exponentially, even for pets.

  4. I think because the US has pushed for so long “drugs are bad” that for us to reverse course now would confuse the hell out of so many on the ground in Afghanistan and Central/South America

  5. Exactly. Not a good enough reason to be eradicating the livelihoods of the farmers in Afghanistan so they are forced to sell to Taliban/Drug dealers. imho

    If policy is only dictated by how it might confuse people we’re in big trouble!

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