Afghani Kidnapping

Do you remember the Christian convert in Afghanistan who left for Italy after getting out of jail because he was considered “mentally unfit” to stand trial? I was wondering how he was doing the other day. It seems the Taliban/or other Afghan militants haven’t forgotten him either. The BBC is reporting that the Italian journalist, Gabriele Torsello, kidnapped last week is being offered in exchange for Abdul Rahman. Gabriele is a Muslim convert. Kidnapping gets complicated when you get religion involved eh?

3 thoughts on “Afghani Kidnapping

  1. Doesn’t everything get complicated with religion involved? All reasoning seems to be out the window politically right now, in my opinion, largely due to radical Muslims that can’t/won’t live and let live…….

  2. Teri,
    Very minor point…people from Afghanistan are referred to as “Afghans” because their currency is the Afghani, kind of like calling Americans “Dollars”

    Not to be nit picky, I just know you’ll be happy to learn this!

  3. Thank you Coastwatcher! You’re right, I’m happy to learn this!

    So a person can “wrap themselves” in dollars, an Afghan and Afghanis.

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