Actions and Consequences

Today Robert Novak notes the suffering Palestinian people. He says that the wall has virtually eliminated suicide bombings on the Israeli people.

But life is hard for Palestinians, whose deaths because of conflict increased 272 percent in 2006 while Israeli casualties declined.

Sounds like the wall makers did a good thing for themselves. I’m not at all sure why Mr. Novak thinks that it’s up to the Israelis to make certain the people of suicide bombers and entire country deniers shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of the choices they make. (he doesn’t even mention that that increase in deaths is because of their own internal conflicts)

– a man is killed for collecting metal in an illegal zone. (harsh, yes, but it’s a consequence of an action)
– 1/2 the children in the occupied territories are labeled traumatized by Britain’s “Save the Children”. (um – their parents want them to grow up and be suicide bombers. Traumatic much?)
-One student was held in jail for a year because he threw stones at Israeli troops. (harsh, yes, but….)
-The Hamas victory led to US boycotts and now the govt is destitute. (yeah…..and?)
-a US surgeon in Bethlehem is not allowed into Israel because he gave money to an organization labeled terrorist. Now he has to drive to Jordan to go to meetings in Europe. (again….yeah… and?)

Israel has had it with having their citizens bombed into little bits. Palestinians refuse to admit that Israel has a right to exist. Both have valid points. Luckily for Israel they have the ability to built this wall (that in Novak’s column surprised a NJ congressman by being so big – doh) and unluckily for Palestinians they continue to be bitter about their plight and refuse to let go and condemn those who would annhilate Israelis.

If Palestinians want to continue to hold out for full statehood in place of instead of beside Israel – well – whatever. That’s their choice. And if in that choice they choose to vote for and act with violence, then those actions are going to have consequences.

Mr. Novak would like to see our Congress take up the cause of the Palestinian people. It may happen sooner than later given that Congresswoman Pelosi has decided to negotiate with supporters of terror. But in the meantime Israel has a right to act to keep itself safe from those who want it gone.

Even if those people are a sad lot with no money and no power. Support the underdog if you will, but not just because they are the underdog. Mr. Novak in his column gave me no reason to support the Palestinians. Instead he gave me a laundry list of sad stories. All that are directly related to the consequences of actions committed. He’s gone soft.

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