ACA forms

My job requires me to try to convince 100s of people to not only use codes the way I want them used, but to figure out what those codes might be based on handbooks/notes/memos that have gone through in the past and may not be readily available.

It doesn’t work, and won’t work until everything is done online and definitions and requirements are right there within the computer and at hand for immediate use.

I know this, I’ve seen it on the most simple requests. I will continue to have a job if only to be the quick connect on the phone when people have questions for years to come.

Which is why this image of page 21 of the form you need to get subsidized coverage cracks me up, along with Dinocrat’s question of the day:

We have a question: considering that half of Detroit is illiterate and 80% of NYCHS college entrants at CCNY lack sufficient reading skills to matriculate, how are the applicants going to get beyond page one, let alone getting to page 21?


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