I’m kind of cranky at the right today for a number of reasons, but one would be for taking credit for reducing the number of abortions.

Captain Ed says:

The study indicates that the drop does not come from any increase in restrictions on access to abortion, but from a change in “socio-cultural mores” that disfavor abortion as an option.

No, it doesn’t. This is the quote from the article.

The data suggest that the decline in abortions may be due not to legal restrictions, but to a shift in “socio-cultural mores” — in other words, women’s attitudes, said John Seery, a professor at Pomona College who studies the politics of abortion.

It also says this:

The Guttmacher report came to no conclusions about why the abortion landscape had changed.

However it notes that in states with the least restrictive abortion laws (ie CA and Oregon) the numbers have dropped more dramatically than other places.
Let’s think about that.

These states have the least restrictive laws because they are incredibly liberal.
I suspect also that in their liberality they also accept single mothers, pregnant teenagers and 49 year old mothers far better than states like Nebraska or Kansas. (and frankly, I don’t know their laws, but they are not typically liberal states)

I for one will give credit for the drop in abortion rates to liberals who don’t treat mistaken pregnancies as horrors.

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