A Response to Harry Reid

Of “We’ve lost the war” fame.

Doesn’t Look Lost To Me
Read it, it’s not too long. Here’s one little section.


The Iraq variant of the Home Guard emerged last year as many of the top sheiks, some who had opposed the coalition and some who had a foot in both camps saw that AQIZ was not following through on their promises and that the coalition was following through on their promises.

The other point that flipped the Sheiks is the simple fact that no one except for the hard core jihadists want to live under Sharia law–which is all the jihadists have to offer.

The Sheiks, sub-sheiks, former military leaders including a hero of the Iran/Iraq war who lived in the Khalidiayah area began the process of standing up neighborhood watch check points.

The neighborhood watch is supported by the Police District and Mayor. The Marines keep a close eye on the volunteers who man the check points but have no official involvement in their activities.

The Anbar Awakening is allowing one of the key aspects of counter insurgency operations to begin–population control and control of movement in and out of areas.

2 thoughts on “A Response to Harry Reid

  1. Wonder if they ever really will understand we aren’t just blowing smoke and do intend to follow thru on our promises if they can keep the ______ (your expletive of choice) jihadists from blowing up folks for just awhile.

  2. I think that’s the problem. “We” won’t necessarily follow through on our promises. (see Mr. Murtha for that view!) Bush will though.

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