A great quote

From Mick Stockinger. He has a post on the Nobel Peace Prize and Al Gore. He walks us down memory lane….Gorbachev winning and yet not Reagan. Jimmy Carter, Arafat, etc.

His theme is that the Peace prize is awarded to those who think like the European elite think. Gore wins because of this and Mick notes that Mr. Gore’s subject isn’t subject to any real tests of truth. However…

Issues like poverty and security always circle back to the same root causes. If you bitch and moan about Darfur, you eventually have to confront the fact that your cherished philosophy of reasoned discourse simply doesn’t work–you are going to have to bust stuff up to make your point.

“you are going to have to bust stuff up to make your point.” Sometimes, that’s just truth.

Read the link – I don’t do it justice.

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  1. I read something else last week challenging that Gore “helped all of humanity” with his work, that it is really against people society and humanity………

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