A few Links

1) On being a conservative. I quit watching the John Stewart clip with Charles Krauthammer directly after he embraced the welfare state and said that “of course” it was accepted by the right. Krauthammer is theoretically a conservative pundit who had ample warning of who John Stewart is and could intellectually defend conservatism. Instead he did what I do in a hostile environment. a) talk slowly about taking care of others then b) defend your other point. Sadly, that is lame. Happily Andrew C. McCarthy takes him on. ht Protein Wisdom with great pithiness.

2) After a costume party where one person dressed up like Obama and they all got sent to diversity training:

There’s a designation for countries where mocking the leader gets you sent to reeducation camp, and it isn’t “self-governing republic of freeborn citizens.” Is none of these 750 thought-criminals man enough to tell the Diversity Commissar to take a hike?

Good question.

3) OMG – Diane Feinstein arguing that “you can keep your plan” meant you can keep your plan up until Obamacare kicks in.
I kid you not.

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