Today marks year 6 since it happened.

And while bad guys are trying to blow things up, good guys are creating memorials to let us know we aren’t alone in this.

We’re still the good guys and even Osama knows that as he tries to convince people to kill themselves for the cause. Let’s put that into perspective. Should they all kill themselves for the cause? Because that’s what he’s asking. And then where does the cause go?

“As for our own fortune, it is not in this world,” he said. “And we are not competing with you for this world, because it does not equal in Allah’s eyes the wing of a mosquito.”

Ok…then why do you give a rip about it and want it for yourself? Loser. Keep talking dumba**, because the more you go on, the more people realize what little you have to offer.
(All of Anbar sure noticed didn’t they?) (low taxes??) (easy mortgages??)

I’ll keep my own God, thank you. You can go blow yourself up in a desert someplace. I’m certain that would still count as martydom. As a matter of fact if you got all your followers together, marched to some desert in Pakistan and blew yourselves up that would make news for centuries. You would go down in history and be remembered. And then we (those of us who want to live out our lives on the wing of this mosquito) wouldn’t have to be bothered with you.

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