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I believe that the government in not my personal trough.
I will not vote based on what the government is going to give me.
I refuse to be “bought” by government handouts.
I believe the US of A is the greatest country in the ‘verse.
I believe we did right by the people in Afghanistan and Iraq.
I am proud of our soldiers.
I want to be successful.
And when I am…I want to share my wealth with those who I want to share my wealth with or not.
I want to own a business.
I want to ask simple questions of politicians and not have my background looked into because the politician answered badly.
I want to share my opinions with the world, if the world ever decides it wants to ask me.

I am Joe.

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  1. I’m thinking what a great sight it would be if “I AM JOE’ signs started to appear as lawn signs all over this country – might give the pols something to think about!

  2. What amazes me is the fact that the left-wing illuminati should focus more on fixing the issue that Joe questioned them about now that they’re in office. No socialism.

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