3 Enemies in Iraq?

According to Harold Myerson we are now in our 3rd war in Iraq.
1 – against Sadaam
2 – against al-Qaeda
3 – against Iranian backed Shiites.

He lays out our current policy for us.

Our current policy in Iraq, then, is to defend those Shiite groups aligned with Maliki, their closeness to Iran notwithstanding, against those Shiite groups, also close to Iran, aligned either with Sadr or in any event against Maliki. And just because we’re now focusing on enemy No. 3 doesn’t mean that enemy No. 1, the Sunni insurgents, won’t take the field again against Maliki and our own forces — only this time, they’ll have the arms we gave them to fight al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Interestingly, my take is a little different.
The war was with Saddam. Our ongoing war is with Al-qaeda. What’s going on in Iraq now is neither occupation, or war. We are helping to defend an elected government against chaos, and we continue to hunt down and kill al-qaeda.

No wonder the left wants us out of there. Their perspective is skewed.