Liberty on the Rocks

Another great event was put on by Liberty on the Rocks-Flatirons, in Louisville, CO wherein I actually met the awesome JK (John Kranz), from Three Sources who I’ve “known” since 2007 and who was the first to start the game, and the only winner of the game, called “what kind of calf is that” on my calf blog.

How fun was that? Very. His lovely wife was there too along with other members of the ThreeSources crew.

The speaker, Brad Beck of our local Liberty Toastmasters discussed ways to speak so that you can influence your audience. There was even a small practicum.

The next meeting, again at Ralphies in Louisville, will be July 9 at 6pm and we are moving on to the topic of Health Care. I suspect there are at least 2 versions of the presentation in Dave Kopel’s head right now. Here’s hoping the Obamacare version can be tossed aside as we look for real solutions.

Come and join! The evenings are casual in a private section of the restaurant. It’s enjoyable to sit in Boulder County with a group of people who have similar values as they relate to freedom, money, speech, and enterprise.