Using Science to Get What You Want

Most of you now have heard the story about how Republican brains are anti-science.

I previously linked to this item from Bad Data, Bad! showing why that might be.

Today, she has yet another post that links to this story in Forbes entitled “Republicans are Stupid”.

The premise all is coming from some numbers pulled up by Chris Mooney in his book The Republican Brain where he looks at Republican thoughts on mostly evolution.
This bit cracked me up after the data were arranged in order of black v white. Blacks also have a lower incidence of “believing in evolution” than do Democrats in general.

The problem with just so theories is that, like Eve’s serpent, they come back to bite. Mooney has trapped himself into arguing that both tea partiers and African Americans have defective brains, with black “Democratic” brains being more so.

Then there is this on tracking which Mooney (after careful liberal/scientific analysis) has decreed safe [bold is mine]:

The latest research by the Pew Research Center, a liberal think tank, found that among those aware of what fracking is, 73% of Republicans versus 33% of Democrats believe fracking is reasonably safe, which is the mainstream science position; a disheartening and frightening 53% of Democrats oppose science in this instance versus only 15% of Republicans. In sum, the percentage of Democrats who embrace the anti-science liberal view that even Mooney rejects is far, far greater than among Republicans. Don’t expect Mooney to come clean, but a far larger percentage of Democrats rejects the mainstream scientific views on fracking than Republicans reject evolution.

Read the entire thing. Its worth it, along with a Jonah Goldberg take.

It’s fun when liberal world views run smack dab into reality. Are liberals more likely to believe “science” than conservatives because they are less likely to believe in God? And if so, then what do you do with all the sub science before the real science arrives? Vaccine and autism? Obamacare and money savings? Higher taxes = higher revenue?
Is multiculturalism a grand good when third world cultures refuse to accept basic things that the first world does like homosexuality or that educated women have value?

It’s so fun, that Bad Data, Bad! has become a new favorite site and has been added to the blog roll. Go. Enjoy. She’s not trying to be political. Sometimes it just happens.