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Sometimes I get a chance to hear Dave Ramsey on the radio and he’s very entertaining. Yesterday his show only had people call in who believed this statement.

” the current tax system benefits the rich and is unfair to ordinary workers”

In his nice guy southern way Dave obliterates his callers baby step at a time. You can find his show here under his archives for April 17, 2012. Dave, while doing his research for this show, discovered he was of the 1% and is definitely not ashamed of that fact. Good for him. He warns callers that he will argue with them, but that he will be respectful. I didn’t hear the whole thing, but he mostly accomplishes this no matter how mad he gets at the ridiculousness out there.
Anyway – it’s worth listening to a bit of it anyway. He’s open to listening and really wants to understand why people think the tax code is unfair.

For other links today:
Common Cents has a video that wonders what the word “fair” is. Dave definitely brings this up a lot.

As Jawa notes:

Unfair: I do not think that word means what you think it means.

As long as we’re talking about money, this is a link to Coyote Blog who notes how thoughts of “health insurance” differ from thoughts of “car insurance” or “house insurance”. It reminded me of the days when HMO’s were equated to satan yet, HMO’s are how we got to this idea that health insurance should pay for everything.

Be afraid….new and hated laws (Obamacare anyone?), once implemented, do get engrained in our psyche and live there forever as an expectation of life.


I read today’s WAPO article on the Dept of Justice’s review of forensics in the FBI.

It is scathing and sad and appalling and……

I clicked on the comments because sometimes they trend one way or another and I was curious. Comment 1 was perfect:


5:28 AM MDT
We should give the federal government control of healthcare.

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