Do we all remember the “no controlling legal authority“?

It was Al Gore giving his excuse for making phone calls from White House for his campaign.

It appears that, by “no controlling legal authority,” Vice-President Gore meant that no case law had squarely interpreted the 1882 Pendleton Act (18 U.S.C. Section 607), or the Hatch Act, to outlaw the specific act of placing solicitation telephone calls from government telephones.

Today we find that when our Federal Government determines that their methods for testing DNA have been flawed, that it really is ok to not let the defendents know about it.

Justice Department officials said that they met their legal and constitutional obligations when they learned of specific errors, that they alerted prosecutors and were not required to inform defendants directly.

Apparently these days moral obligations do not exist.

In other news for those of you who the IRS thinks you owe money… traveling for you if this law passes. Which means Warren Buffet is out. Geitner would have been out along with a whole host of the WH staff. (a link to an LA Times story saying 41 aides owed in 2010)

UPDATE: Via Drudge, 98,000 Federal employees owe back taxes.

In other news, since the LATimes now has a firewall, I switched to reading the Chicago Tribune. As of the 4th of April there have been people shot and killed every day on the front page. I thought today was going to be an exception until I went to link the news here. As of 6:49, they have another one. Avoid Chicago people. It’s dangerous.