Veterinary Care

This was funny today too. Not because it’s funny, but because it’s on the front (yes, FRONT) page of the New York Times.

It’s basically an article about how vets can do a lot of human grade medicine on animals, that it can be expensive, that some people are willing to go that far and that some people sort of regret it later.


Friday Funny?

This did make me laugh this morning, thought it isn’t funny.

This is Charles Krauthammer on the Obama “unprecedented” controversy. He adds this quote from the NYTimes:

The New York Times loftily warned the Supreme Court that it would forfeit its legitimacy if it ruled against Obamacare because with the “five Republican-appointed justices supporting the challenge led by 26 Republican governors, the court will mark itself as driven by politics.”

And then this whole column is about Justice Kagan.
Here’s the lede:

During three days of arguments over the Obama healthcare plan, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan put on a display of rhetorical firepower, reinforcing predictions that the newest liberal justice is best equipped to take on the conservative, five-man majority controlling the bench.

It was completely praiseworthy as if Kagan, acting for the left rather than for the constitution was a good thing. Certainly “not political” or “illegitimate”.
Oh brother.