the Women

Warning: We women are to be courted by the Obama campaign.

But don’t worry because Obama himself claims that there isn’t just a single issue we care about, so I imagine the issues will be well rounded. It turns out there are three issues, not just a single issue.

“I’m not somebody who believes that women are going to be single-issue voters; they never have been,” Obama said.

No, we care about multiple issues. I have placed them in bold so you don’t miss them:

President Barack Obama’s re- election campaign is planning to seize upon the recent partisan bickering over health care, contraception and abortion to garner the women’s vote in the November presidential election.
The Chicago-based campaign plans a “Nurses for Obama” event March 13, including mailings in many states and 16 phone banks in New Hampshire to urge support for the health-care overhaul law signed by the Democratic president almost two years ago, according to a campaign official, who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly about campaign strategy.
The campaign website gives details on the benefits of the health-care law, a frequent target of Republican candidates who say it should be repealed, including requirements that new health insurance plans cover women’s preventative services, mammograms and birth control pills.

No worries about taxes or regulation or military might. No, those are not issues for our delicate ears. Instead we shall take a stand on things such as this:

“If you’re a woman, who do you think should have control over your choice to use contraception: You or your employer?” said Stephanie Cutter, Obama deputy campaign manager, in a Feb. 29 e-mail.

Please do not change that argument to “If you’re a woman, who do you think should have control over your choice to use contraception: You or your federal government?” because you know that isn’t the question here.

As Ann Althouse says (via Instapundit)

Man, I loathe this pandering to women! Don’t treat us like we’re stupid. Don’t act like we need your special protection. Don’t buy us things.

Yes, yes, vote for Obama because he can take care of all the things we wominfolk care about. Ooh – wait, he missed “the children”, maybe I should hold off a little on deciding. Perhaps a President Romney would pay for my mammograms and the needs of the children.