I am a little bit glad that the media is running with the GOP is dispirited and giving up any hope for the presidency stories. Why? Because getting cocky is not a good place to be.

What the media has forgotten is that even if your baby sister were nominated, the GOP will be out in force to make certain that Obama does not get a 2nd term.

Instapundit has some comments noting the enthusiasm level. [ht jk] I not only switched parties, but I too caucused and know of at least 3 other people who caucused for the very first time.

There may be some folks with convictions so strong that they just cannot pull the lever for another RINO, or a strong social conservative, or a thrice divorced crazy man, or even Ron Paul, but I suspect after the campaign heats up and Obama is insulting conservatives again and people are reminded about the supreme court that this will change.

Let the main think that Obama will win. That will only stroke his ego more and make him even more power hungry.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Supreme Court this March as it reviews the whole mandate concept
Granted, I still don’t understand how Kelo went down, but how on earth can this mandate stand?

If the federal government, which constitutionally has “limited” and “enumerated” powers, can force private citizens to use their personal money to buy a private product, there is no end to what it could force citizens to do.

I’m not scared yet. With the loss of Mr. Breitbart, we may have gained a million of them, potentials, Buffy style!