Dear Potential Human Doctors

Be a veterinarian instead.

You still get to practice medicine but you don’t have to put up with this bullpucky.

In short…..ER’s are required to see everyone. ER’s are abused. Medicaid (the government) will stop paying for visits that they think are abused – after being seen.

ps – the same state is working to require any insurance that covers maternity to also cover abortion…..will this include medicaid?

So while tax dollars are not going to the pockets of ER doctors who are forced by law to see everyone, they will go to fund abortions if requested….so long as it’s not an emergency?

Go – be a veterinarian. They are in short supply, you can practice medicine on a more species than just one, your patients are all cute and there are a lot fewer requirements from the state about how you are to be paid.