Birth Control

The biggest problem with the mandate on birth control IS that is is clearly unconstitutional.

Mr. Cochrine in the WSJ covers a host of other problems that he thinks is more important.

The taxes and spending we argue about are the tip of the iceberg. Salting mandated health insurance with birth control is exactly the same as a tax—on employers, on Catholics, on gay men and women, on couples trying to have children and on the elderly—to subsidize one form of birth control.

If the government wants to subsidize birth control, OK, pass an explicit tax, and sensibly subsidize all birth control. And face the voters on it. The tax rate and spending debates that occupy the media are a small part of the effective taxes and spending that the government achieves by these regulatory mandates.

Read the whole thing.

Blog Post Title of the Day

The ACLU Jumps the Shark.

Sheesh – no kidding. I thought the ACLU was a believer in the constitution, but somehow they’ve got the whole thing twisted up in the little heads. Left wing derangement syndrome.

Individuals who choose not to pay for employees’ contraceptives, the ACLU counters, are forcing their beliefs on their employees.

“The fundamental promise of religious liberty in this country doesn’t create a right to impose those views on others, including ignoring civil rights laws or denying critical health care,” Gay insists.

At this rate it won’t take long until refusing to pay for your independent 25 year old’s insurance coverage will also be called “ignoring a civil right”.