Obama: Behind the Curtain

So I read this piece out of the New Yorker and found it to be the MOST butt kissing piece of dribble I have ever read about the man. (ht Maggies Farm and Keith Hennessey’s email and JG)
Every factoid available was used to spin Obama as a moderate, fiscally conservative, good and thoughtful guy. No fact contrary to that spin was used in the making of the article. It truly is an amazing piece.

Today we’re getting a bit more specifics pulled out of the article.
Politico notes that based on the private (yet apparently shown to the author) memos, Obama was happy to fiddle with the numbers to make his plans look good.

Keith Hennessy notes that while his economic advisors were suggesting “highly stimulative” money (shovel ready in today’s parlance) Obama wanted to do big things. “Moon shot” things. And so squandered 60 billion. Since I think it was all a waste I don’t really care, but others do.

If Mr. Lizza’s reporting is correct, over the objection of his economic advisors President Obama replaced $60 B of “highly stimulative spending” with a slow-spending but “inspiring” $20 B for high-speed trains and $40 B in pork for his Senate Democratic allies. And this is starting from a point at which he knew that his advisors thought that not more than $225 B of the $826 B total was high-quality, fast-spending, efficient stimulus.

But here is the real kicker. During times when oversight committees are trying to get access to memos for investigations that they are constitutionally entitled to, this President handed memos over to a New Yorker reporter to get his ass kissed in a very big way.

What President Obama has forgotten is that there are other out here that used to work in the White House. Keith Hennessey is one of them. The smoochy article has a lot of insight for those in the know. Here is Mr. Hennessey again:

This post shows why you don’t release to the public memos written to the President by his senior advisors. Presidential advisors are supposed to protect the advice they give to the President. The decision to give Mr. Lizza access to so many confidential memos to the President was either blindingly stupid or shockingly disloyal, and it damaged the institution of the Presidency.


I love this truism from Michael Walsh via Instpundit (who has other links regarding Newts big win):

“What counts is passion. The 2010 midterms proved that, but the GOP bonzes seemed embarrassed by the Tea Party’s success.”

I sincerely hope that Romney learned from this blowout that he needs to start acting and speaking like he believes what he says AND does/did vs having memorized the words. That is a requirement of leadership. Fidelity and sanity less so.

Why did the request for his taxes surprise him? Why is 15% a bad number? Why was liking to “fire people” a gaffe? Stand up for yourself dude! The Republican establishment coronated Mitt, but the voting public gets the final say. Get yourself voted in, not placed there.

UPDATE: Here is Mark Steyn’s take. It’s worth a read.

And where, among all the dough he’s handing out, is the rapid-response team? Newt’s “spontaneous” indignation at John King was carefully crafted by Gingrich himself. By contrast, Mitt has a ton of consultants, and not one of them thought he needed a credible answer on Bain or taxes? For a guy running as a chief exec applying proven private-sector solutions, his campaign looks awfully like an unreformable government bureaucracy: big, bloated, overstaffed, burning money, slow to react, and all but impossible to change.

Government Gifts

Kwik net search
Condoms: Box of 12: $1.00/ each (though I found some fancy ones for about $30/box of 12)
IUD: $500/5 years – $1700/5years
The Pill: $15-$50/month ($180-$600/year)
Diaphram: $25-$40 plus the spermicide used at $8-$10 per tube. Replace every 2 years.
Cervical Cap: $60-$75 plus the spermicide used at $8-$10. Replace every 2 years
The Sponge: $9-$15 for three
Hormone patch: $15-$80/month
Implant: $400-$800 for three years
DepoProvera shot: $35-$75 (exam is extra) for three months
Morning After Pill: $10-$70
Abstinence: Free

I know what I use, but what exactly will I be buying for you?
And why would any R&D team continue to come up with all of these alternatives if the government only covers X?
(ps – The IUD is most cost effective assuming you have regular intercourse. It also has a ton of side affects.)


“Reasonable Profits Board”?

The Gas Price Spike Act, H.R. 3784, would apply a windfall tax on the sale of oil and gas that ranges from 50 percent to 100 percent on all surplus earnings exceeding “a reasonable profit.” It would set up a Reasonable Profits Board made up of three presidential nominees that will serve three-year terms. ……The bill would also seem to exclude industry representatives from the board, as it says members “shall have no financial interests in any of the businesses for which reasonable profits are determined by the Board.”


So one business, one type of business who’s profits in comparison to other types of business is completely reasonable will see this bill. [Click here to Ed Morrissey of Hot Air and his comparison of gas profits to those of internet retail and health care for examples.]
AND if actually implemented these companies don’t even get to have someone with their interests on this board of 3. So this board will determine how much profit is reasonable and hence how much will be taxed yet God forbid they have any knowledge of the actual business.

And all of this is going to happen because Democrats are “worried about higher gas prices”.

How about a “reasonable taxes board? The federal government taxes gas at 18.4 cents a gallon. Is it unreasonable? Theoretically no because it’s going to pay for interstate highways but seriously, if you want to lower the price of gasoline isn’t the one place you actually control the better place to look than setting up an unconstitutional board to force one type of business into a profit model that is designed by people who have no interest in the business other than because they “care” about the poor?

Ayn Rand’s world is here. Do we have to get to the point at the end of Atlas Shrugged where all is in chaos before we find our own reasonableness?

This bill if over the top ridiculous. Really.

Power to the People

Back in December I blogged about Shaba and Connie, two elephants in the zoo in Tuscon who have been together for thirty years that they were planning on splitting up so that each could be “with their own kind”.

One was African and the other was Asian.

I wrote to complain and was told that oh they had looked at the science and this was the right thing to do for all involved.

Apparently people power trumps “right”….LOL

This week, Tucson zoo officials reversed course, announcing that Connie and Shaba could both move to San Diego, the Daily Star said. Turns out, San Diego’s Asian elephant herd already has an African member, so Connie and Shaba’s cross-species kinship will fit right in.

Like they didn’t know that beforehand.

The Enemy within Our Gates

Via Drudge, Mexican cartels are crossing the border to behead people here.

Via Jawa, an Iranian activist is shot, point blank in Houston.

A woman whom Houston police described as an activist on behalf of Iranian women’s civil rights was found shot dead at the wheel of her car after it crashed into a townhouse garage.

Houston police said the shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. Monday in a posh development near the Galleria.

According to investigators, someone walked up to the passenger’s side of 30-year-old Gelareh Bagherzadeh’s car and shot her in the head.

Those Marines

Hey – I’ve given my opinion on things I know only slightly more about, so why not this?

War is hell. To shoot people you have to pretty much give up the idea that you are killing mommys and daddys and brothers and sisters. Instead they are the enemy.

In this case, the enemy is so inhuman that they do things like trick little children whose parents are so poor that they are sent to madrasas, into setting off bombs for them.

Should those marines have pee’d on the dead Taliban. No. Should they be disciplined. Yes. Should those in charge belittle this rather than turning it into a national offense. Definitely.
Marines are out there doing what I don’t want to do. They are often young, they are usually men, and they are under a lot of pressure. Sometimes they aren’t going to do the right thing and instead are going to do what they think is the entertaining thing.

The world thinks that just like in the movies the US government controls everything. But sometimes people act like kids. Frankly as a person who is not the boss, I am ok if Taliban, who choose to kill civilians and behead their enemy vs setting up nice prisoner Gitmos, think that some of us are so wild and crazy that we would desecrate the dead.

Was it wrong – yes. Is it the end of the world? No. War is hell and the majority of our warriors are so very impressive it brings tears to your eyes. This episode will make it harder for those trying to show our good side and that is tragic. But we’ve been showing our good side over there for years now. If the Afghan people think this incident is our norm, then we haven’t been doing a very good job.

Cripes, even a columnist in Al Jazeera realizes this incident is not “inhuman”, but something that may happen during times of war. It is to be condemned, (even for the idiocy of videotaping it!) but no, I’m not going to give these men credit for losing the war.

It’s Sunday – Sermon Time

Man were the Broncos ever crushed.

How will the Media spin this?
First they decided that a positive response to this question meant that God decides football games rather than that God has a hand in Tim Tebow’s hardworking character:

“Do you believe that any of Tim Tebow’s success can be attributed to Divine Intervention?”

So with a 45-10 defeat will the media declare that God is dead? Or that God changed his mind? Or that all along it wasn’t God, but the devil in disguise?

It’s very tricky for folks who don’t believe in a personal God to interpret the words of those who do. Maybe this will help. Tim keeps his Lord by his side so just like those of you who thank your spouse during your success because he/she has been by your side the whole journey helping you make decisions or simply believing in your abilities God does get to have a hand in Tim’s success. God cares about Tim. Not necessarily about football.

Does God get credit when quite clearly he is Tebow’s right hand? You bet. That doesn’t mean people believe that God wins football games.

(ps – God – if you do, you’re a bummer. 🙂 But I don’t think you do.)

The Patriots played an amazing game out there. Half the time I never even saw the ball….oh – did I say ball, I meant bullet! Their offensive line never let a white jersey even near Brady and their defense was all over the Broncos. Their win was much deserved. Their crushing was well played.

Friday Fun

These aren’t really funny, just in a shake your head sort of way.
In a “news” story about Obama wanting to combine a bunch of agencies, firing 1000 people and saving $3 billion dollars over 10 years we get this little opinion.

The timing of the move is likely to draw charges from GOP adversaries that Obama is focused on the politics of his re-election, rather than good policy. It comes on the heels of his fall jobs tour and less than two weeks before his State of the Union address. Aides have said Obama is eager to cast his efforts to spur growth against a Congress that the White House said is stuck in partisan gridlock.

If I ran the GOP, you can bet I would not be adversarial about merging agencies and reducing government. Is 3 billion going to help? Not much, but the move is positive. There is no reason to oppose this yet the report has already decided that it will be opposed.

Here is the lede:

The Obama administration said Thursday that rate increases sought by a health insurance company were unreasonable, and it ordered the insurer to rescind them or justify its refusal to do so.

You’re thinking….wow! Tough government. What are they going to do to that insurance company!?
3 paragraphs later you get this:

Cindy Gallaher, a spokeswoman for Trustmark, based in Lake Forest, Ill., said: “We respectfully disagree with the assumptions and conclusions drawn today by the Department of Health and Human Services. Our premiums are driven by the rising cost and increased utilization of medical services.”

Oh. Then I guess it’s over. Haven’t they now justified their refusal to rescind rates?